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Top 5 Reasons for Regular Office Cleaning Service

You might think keeping your office clean shouldn't be a top priority. That's understandable. But you'd be wrong.

Ask successful business owners, and they'll tell you that the decision to use a regular office cleaning service contributed more to the success of their business than they imagined.

Cleaning your office and making it dust, germ, grime, and toxin-free offers so many benefits.

Here are some of them.

#1. Fewer Employee Sick Days

According to the Department of Human Services, employee absenteeism costs businesses billions of dollars every year. If you take a keen look at it, your business is probably losing money, no thanks to employees taking sick leave.

One way to nip this in the bud is getting a regular office cleaning service. In clean offices, germs struggle to find an environment where they can thrive and spread like wildfire from one employee to the other.

The result? No disruption in the office’s activities and KPIs are met!

#2. Higher Employee Productivity & Happiness

Let's face it; you can't expect your employees to be happy and productive in a grubby, dingy workspace. Offices are like second homes - they spend around 8 hours or even more on weekdays there.

You want to make sure your office is clean and tidy at all times, so your employees have better morale and concentration, leading to increased productivity. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule also signals to employees that you care about their health. That makes them happier to put in more effort.

Think there's no connection between a clean office and productivity?

Scientists have established that disorganization, such as a cluttered and unclean office, zaps our cognitive energy, reducing concentration.

Want a more productive workforce? Get regular office cleaning services.

#3. Good First Impression

You've spent money and resources to ensure your website and social media platforms give prospective clients an excellent first impression of your business.

But if clients walk into your business with dusty desks, soiled carpets, and cobwebs, they'll be far from impressed.

No matter how much you spend improving your online presence, nothing screams mediocre and unprofessional when a client enters your dirty office. A clean office creates a professional and positive appearance that earns your clients' admiration, trust, and patronage.

#4. Improved Air Quality

You may not know, but there are 2 to 5 times more pollutants indoors than outdoor. In extreme cases, the number of pollutants within a confined space can be 100 times higher. Most office buildings are like matchboxes - built to save energy, limiting air circulation.

Regularly cleaning the rugs, carpets, blinds, and curtains reduce the presence of particles, dust, and toxins in the office.

#5. Reduced Equipment Breakdown

If you ever open your office equipment, you'd be surprised to find heaps of dust and grime. Your office's computers, printers, ventilation systems, copiers can all benefit from regular office cleaning services.

In a clean office, little to no dust will find its way into your office equipment. Periodic cleaning of these appliances also ensures you spend less on repairs.

As you've seen, a regular office cleaning service increases productivity, improves employees' health, reduces the need for repairs, and helps gain clients' trust. More important, though, is hiring the right office cleaners.

At HMS janitorial, we clean your office like it's ours using advanced cleaning equipment and quality products. Contact us, and let's work out a plan to make your workplace squeaky clean!

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