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Janitorial Service in Miami, FL

Does your business need a professional janitorial service in Miami, FL? If so, the staff at HMS Janitorial can assist you with all of your needs and provide exceptional services. We proudly serve a wide range of industries in the Miami community and are dedicated to excellence. Janitorial services can ensure that your business looks its best and presents a healthy environment for anyone who walks through your doors. We use leading cleaning solutions to remove any bacteria, dirt, or mess from your building. It's important for businesses to make an excellent first impression on guests, and cleaning services can help accomplish that. In addition, high-quality cleaning can provide an ideal environment for everyone that walks through your doors. 

Whether your business needs extensive floor cleaning from heavy foot traffic or day porter services, we go above and beyond to cater to each project's specific needs. ​We provide customized cleaning services, as each business has different needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we provide our clients with a seamless cleaning experience. When your business needs janitorial services in Miami, FL, look to the professionals at HMS Janitorial. Contact HMS Janitorial Services for more information on our services and how our cleaning solutions can benefit your business! 

Industries we serve:

  • Real estate

  • Government

  • Office and retail

  • Public education

  • Non-profit

  • Commercial spaces

  • Healthcare 

Benefits of janitorial services:

  • Morale booster

  • Safe, healthy work environment

  • Reduced spread of disease

  • Fewer bacteria

  • Quality cleaning 

Floor maintenance services

At HMS, we specialize in floor maintenance services. When your business has a lot of foot traffic, that can lead to footprints, dirt, and grime on your floors. We ensure they are clean and free of debris from wood flooring to carpet, tile, and more. HMS Janitorial has the tools and cleaning products to safely and efficiently remove any stains from people walking through your building. We can transform your flooring! 


Office cleaning services

Over time offices can collect dirt, dust, bacteria, and other debris, which creates an unhealthy environment. However, when you have a clean office, you can make an excellent impression on visitors and increase morale among employees. At HMS Janitorial, we provide office cleaning services to ensure that your employees and customers are welcomed into a clean and vibrant atmosphere.

Cleaning management supply

Supplies are essential for day-to-day operations in a business. Whether it be retail, offices, public buildings, or more, we ensure that you have the high-quality supplies you need.


Day porter services 

There are many things to do within a business that can take time. At HMS Janitorial, we offer day porter services so your business can run efficiently. From touching up restrooms to restocking supplies, cleaning up spills, and performing other duties, we have you covered. 

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