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At HMS Janitorial, we provide a wide range of flooring cleaning services to ensure your flooring is safe, clean, and looking its best for employees, visitors, and customers. Whether you have carpeting, VCT, Epoxy, or any special flooring, our commercial floor cleaning experts have you covered with quality services. Our janitorial team will design a custom maintenance floor plan that meets your needs, budget, and timeframe. We serve a wide range of industries, including office and retail spaces, government buildings, real estate, and more in the Miami, FL, region. 

As customers and employees walk through your doors every day, floor maintenance is an important part of the business. Our team of floor maintenance specialists has the expertise, knowledge, and specialized equipment to deliver stunning results. We can preserve your flooring and ensure they are free of any bacteria or debris so you can provide a clean and pristine environment. When you are searching for floor maintenance professionals in Miami, Florida, look to HMS Janitorial. Contact HMS Janitorial today for more information on our floor maintenance services!

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