Protocol follow up to memo published 02/28/2020 on the declared state of emergency

Contingency plan procedure and precautions once declared a state of emergency. 

If you are reading this memo, it is because we were hired by your facility to curate your work environment on standards and procedures that exceed those outlined by the Center for Disease Control (cleaning and disinfection) visit: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/organizations/cleaning-disinfection.html 


Your facility requires the use of the latest available in hospital-grade chemicals and application procedures to help prevent the spread of a virus. Following our contingency plan (visit: hmsjanitorial.com/contingency for details) we will be cleaning and disinfecting with chemicals and procedures geared toward health grade based cleaning.


We want to reassure you that your facility sanitization is operating under a hospital-grade standard of care, highest available so that you can make use of your office and work environment confidently during this pandemic but please take commonly known precautions to care for your wellbeing and those around you. 


What has been done and recommendations:

  • Take the necessary precautions outlined in our contingency plan, as well as recommendations posted around the facility, such as recommendations posted in the hand sanitizing stations.  

  • Your facility has procured and installed hospital-grade anti-bacterial hand soap in each bathroom. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently.

  • Hand sanitizer is scarce but it was procured timely following our plan, enabling you to make use of the hand sanitizer available on every floor. 

  • Reporting and tracking of incidents of public concern. 


  • A total disinfection protocol during operating hours. Our total disinfection crew will also work at night, we will be wiping down surfaces, desks, floors and contact points.  The chemicals may cause histamine or watery eyes, they may cause discomfort to our employees but don't be alarmed, the reaction is temporary. Chemicals are not harmful to humans and only contain ingredients made to kill the virus on contact.

Published 03/12/2020

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